What's behind the Database of Known Fakes?

The Database of Known Fakes (in short: DBKF) “starts by collecting debunking articles from around the world”, mostly European, and then uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to enrich these, says Andrey Tagarev of ONTOTEXT, the company behind the DBKF.

A prime aim is to make content discovery (of manipulated content) easier globally, adds Andrey in his talk with Anna Schild of Deutsche Welle.

At this recorded conversation, held at the project meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece, in February 2024, Andrey gave further insights into approaches taken and plans ahead.

To find out about the ultimate goals of the ONTOTEXT development work and its potential use for the fact-checking community, watch the video below in which Andrey provides the answer. 

Author: Jochen Spangenberg (DW)

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