Anna Schild (DW) talks to Richard Rogers (University of Amsterdam) who outlines their work and approach

“Especially the factcheckers and the journalists, they would like a kind of landscape that they could scan and that would show them what the most impactful stories are, and possibly also organisations and individuals.” 

This is one of the many finding that came to light in the work of Richard Rogers and his team at the University of Amsterdam in the course of their work to date. 

A core part of their work, located at the Department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam, deals with the studying of user needs of journalists and digital investigators. This is done in a variety of ways, including, among others, by conducting ethnographic studies that took the researchers to various newsrooms. 

Find out in the video below what has been done to date, which other insights exist already, based on the work carried out by Richard and his team, and what is being done how.

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