GlobalFact 10

From 27-30 June, the fact-checking world gathers once again at the community's primary event of the year: GlobalFact, this year in its 10th edition, hence GlobalFact10

GlobalFact 10 is expected to be attended by about 500 participants onsite from all over the world. Online participation is possible, too. As always, the event is organised by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at Poynter. 


GlobalFact 10IFCN at GlobalFact 10 will be featured in a dedicated breakout session on 30 June. 

The session is entitled “AI vs disinformation: the project, enhancing the verification plug-in InVID-WeVerify”. It will be carried out by innovation manager and plug-in founder Denis Teyssou (AFP). 

Denis will outline the main findings of user studies that have been conducted over the past months, and will share our roadmap to build innovative tools and how we aim to enhance the plug-in's existing features with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This is to aid fact-checkers, journalists and researchers tackle disinformation further.

The breakout session will also be an opportunity to gather more user feedback from participants. So if you are in Seoul at the 10th edition of Global Fact, feel free to drop in to the session on 30 June or connect with Denis on site. 

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