Here, we provide presentations that were given by consortium members that are publicly available. Presentations are listed in reverse chronological order, the most recent one appearing on top of the list.

"From Resilient Information Ecosystem towards Resilient Democracy." Jochen Spangenberg, DW
April 09, 2024

On 8 April 2024 the Bertelsmann Foundation and Globsec hosted an event entitled “From Resilient Information Ecosystem towards Resilient Democracy”. Its primary aim was to canvass and discuss key challenges and lessons learned for the next EU Commission. The invent was by invitation only and followed Chatham House rules. DW's Jochen Spangenberg delivered a talk in the session “When the Government Sleeps: Effective non-governmental approaches” in which he outlined what this means for media organsiations and how research and cooperation as well as the use of new technologies can contribute to the above aims. An ideal opportunity to showcase on a high level for attendees who came from NGOs, the policy sector, industry (including platforms) and civil society. 

"MULTITuDE: Large-Scale Multilingual Machine-Generated Text Detection Benchmark" Robert Moro, KInIT
December 09, 2023

On 9th December 2023 Robert Moro gave a presentation based on the paper MULTITuDE: Large-Scale Multilingual Machine-Generated Text Detection Benchmark at EMNLP in Singapore. A summary of the efforts of partner KInIT in the scope of the Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing conference, which is one of the top NLP conferences, can be read in the corresponding article.

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"CrowdTangle is dead, long live to CrowdTangle" Fabio Giglietto, UNIURB
October 22, 2023

On 22 October 2023, Fabio Giglietto, University of Urbino, attended The Post-API Conference at the Annenberg School for Communication in Philadelphia, USA, as a speaker. Under the title “CrowdTangle is dead, long live to CrowdTangle” he presented and discussed with researchers about social media data acquisition after Twitter and the new opportunities provided by the Digital Services Act.

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"Countering Disinformation with Technology-Assisted Verification." Jochen Spangenberg, DW
October 17, 2023

On 17 October 2023 DW's Jochen Spangenberg gave a presentation at the Istria Media Days in Vrsar, Croatia. Title: “Countering Disinformation with Technology-Assisted Verification”.

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"Technological, Behavioural and Policy Aspects of Visual Online Disinformation" Yiannis Kompatsiaris, CERTH
September 18, 2023

On 18 September 2023, Yiannis Kompatsiaris, Director of CERTH-ITI, gave a keynote issuing “Behavioural and Policy Aspects of Online Disinformation” to researchers, mainly from the multimedia field, at the PAN @ CLEF 2023 conference.

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