Conference on the future of AI - and what this means for (countering) disinformation

The European Commission and research projects AI4media, AI4Trust, TITAN and have teamed up to organise a one-day event in Brussels on 29 June 2023 in which experts will discuss the state of play regarding recent advances in Artificial Intelligence as well as issues that come with it, ranging from regulatory aspects to practical insights from ongoing work, projects and initiatives. A particular focus: countering disinformation created by advanced AI solutions as well as using technology in the debunking and verification process. 

This is just an initial announcement to inform about the date (29 June 2023), time (all day) and location (Brussels). So please mark your calendars and plan accordingly should you be interested. 

More information will be provided in due course, so watch this space. 

As the event is dedicated to having personal exchanges, attendance in person is recommended. It is, however, also planned to stream the sessions.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Author: Jochen Spangenberg (DW) 

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