Meet the Future of AI

Horizon Europe research projects AI4media, AI4Trust, TITAN and - in cooperation with the European Commission unit in charge of the projects - cordially invite you to a one-day event in Brussels on 29 June 2023.  Topic:  Meet the Future of AI - countering sophisticated & advanced disinformation.

Sessions will focus on a variety of issues and challenges around generative AI and the tackling of disinformation in particular.

Further, the Horizon Europe projects, AI4TRUST, TITAN and H2020 project AI4Media will showcase some of their work (past, present and future) and which tools and solutions they are developing and deploying to support in countering disinformation, especially content created by novel technologies such as generative AI.

We are pleased to provide you with a preliminary programme below.

For planning purposes: the event will be hosted by broadcaster VRT, located at Karabiniersplein, Auguste Reyerslaan 52 B, 1043 Brussels. It runs from 9:00-17.30 and will take place in hybrid fashion (on location and via live stream). Prior registration is required - details about registration procedures will be announced soon, so please watch this space.

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